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Markets and Applications for CeramTec Products? Are Nearly Everywhere.
Advanced Ceramics. Often unseen, but always indispensable. A low profile through perfect function. Indispensable for performance, safety and reliability. We encounter technical ceramics from CeramTec every day, often without even noticing them. When washing our hands, making espresso, talking on our cell phones, driving our cars, at the doctor’s office or even inside the human body. Everywhere other materials are unable to satisfy the specific demands of special areas of application or high levels of functionality and safety are required. There are already many markets and applications that depend on the unique properties of technical ceramics. And the potential of ceramic materials is far from being exhausted. CeramTec advanced ceramics offer decisive advantages and benefits for meeting the challenges of the future.

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In addition to around 80 different OEM cartridge types manufactured at CeramTec, an independent cartridge system for use in sanitary fittings and mixing units named triduon® was developed. Today the triduon® family comprises both open and closed construction designs with a variety of flow properties.


triduon® performance
All triduon® performance cartridges with diameters 25, 35 and 40 mm are made from high-strength, high-density materials. They are made in Germany and offer a large comfort zone. At their heart are the nearly diamond-hard Ceramdisc® ceramic seal discs.


With triduon® fusion, we also offer additional versions of the 25mm cartridge.

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