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INDUGA is a medium size engineering company from Germany that has specialized in foundry plant engineering with the main focus on induction furnace technology.

We stand out for a corporate policy oriented to our customers' wishes as well as for a mature plant technique.

Individual solutions in conjunction with the proven induction technology and high flexibility are the traits of our style of work.

Products and services

  • Low pressure die casting machines
  • Advisory services
  • Die casting tools
  • Simulation
  • Training
  • Consulting


Casting tools

Dies and core boxes for low pressure die casting machines.

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LPDC 1001

LPDC 1001 - Fully automatic machine with one rotary manipulator and one furnace

Cycle time approx. 60 sec.
Capacity per shift (8 hours) approx. 380 castings

This machine stands out for its high capacity and its easy operation and maintenance.

The furnace has a melting capacitiy of 400 kg per hour.

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LPDC 2121

Automatic machine with rotary portal, 2 manipulators and 1 furnace.

• Cycle time 37 sec
• Capacity per shift 630 castings

This machine stands out for its two independent drive units for each manipulator. If one of the two manipulators stops for cleaning or die charging, the second manipulator continues its work.

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Michael Bader
Head of BU Low Pressure Casting
Phone: +49 2473 601710
E-mail: michael.bader@induga.de

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