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4 ways to create more space in your bathroom

Increasingly popular wet rooms are the ideal solution when there is a little space in our bathroom. Compared to a bath or shower, which together with paddling and shower doors takes up a lot of space, a wet room can be a hit. Manufacturers offer a wide range of models and sizes to replace traditional showers. One of them, the floor drains, can be installed in the bathroom anywhere - to save space, it can be just next to wall. WIPER manufacturer provides many models of drains, so we can match them perfectly to our floor type. The sizes start at 500mm, which allows you to create a wet room even in the smallest possible room. An interesting solution is the PURE top cover - it is tileable, so we put tiles inside it too. After the installation only visible elements of the drainage will be narrow channels where the water flows. This solution allows optically enlarge the bathroom and at first glance the shower area can be practically invisible.

Exhibitor: WIPER GmbH