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KÄSCH | Bring home the longing natural life

The noisy cars in the streets, the fireworks in the alleys, and the hurried silhouettes in the office buildings are beginning to return to life. The city is slowly recovering, and the hustle and bustle of the busy running is gradually coming, and I yearn for the nature in the distance.

Those who enjoy life must know how to freely switch between the bustling and quiet city. Even in a busy city, you can enjoy leisure and relaxation. To enjoy the freedom and ease of the world among the tall buildings, the Kushi bathtub is always the best choice.

The waterfall series, inspired by waterfalls, represents the return and relaxation of the soul. The designer uses waterfall elements in functional materials to reproduce the timeless enjoyment of waterfalls. It is hoped that the moment people enter the bathtub, they can instantly relieve the fatigue of the city and step into a comfortable enjoyment.

The RT190 has soft lines like flowing water, is equipped with the original German circulating water, and has a foot waterfall design, just like being in a flowing natural waterfall.

Ample and spacious space brings a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Through the regular bubble waterfall sprayed from the bathtub, the body feels floating and weightless, and then enters a relaxed and comfortable meditation state. Symbiosis with nature, unique.

CS200 draws on the theory of Art Nouveau and makes innovative applications in materials and craftsmanship. It is equipped with a waterfall system and adopts a capsule-shaped design. The appearance is minimalist and gorgeous. It is a unique interpretation of natural life.

The color of the LED lamp seems to extract the colors in the natural scenery of the mountains and rivers, and the visual pleasure it brings makes the physiotherapy function of the bathtub extend to the visual function, bringing multiple enjoyments.

I can adjust my life to my favorite state, creating a calm and comfortable way is not only respect for life but also comfort. Kou Shi, go straight to the heart, and bring home the natural life he yearns for.

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Exhibitor: KÄSCH e.K.


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