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A beautiful experience in KÄSCH

The ability to take all the bathtub products of various high-end hotels around the world may be related to their strong manufacturing technology and design innovation capabilities. KÄSCH has always taken unique creation as its core, and its brilliant ideas are vividly displayed in the details of exquisite craftsmanship.
Constantly gaining recognition from partners from all over the world.

Appreciation of selected cases:

Heinrich-Schuetz-Residenz Hotel, 5star hotel, Dresden, Germany
Product: Germany Koushi G series-OVERFLOW overflow series-pool

Hotel Rivoli Rambla, 4 stars hotel, Spain
Product: Germany Koushi G series-OVERFLOW overflow series-Lian

Private Villa, Austria
Product: Germany Koushi G series-OVERFLOW overflow series-Che
Engineering case

The reason why KÄSCH can attract hotel customers from all over the world may be related to its exquisite German craftsmanship and design.

It has to be said that the design and function of some bathtubs have added water power that focuses on injecting vitality into life. After restoring the experience of being in the water of nature, the experience of the bathtub has become more exquisite.

PNOD: Simple and smooth, pure and agile, overflowing hydrotherapy massage function, bursting out like a pool of joy

LAKE: It is the source of tranquility, the treasure house of shadows. In the design, the light theory of architectural light and shadow master Louis Kahn is applied. The capsule-shaped design is like a lake, and encounters nature at the intersection of tranquility and light.

Any function, material, and design are carefully polished after careful consideration. The unique massage function and the non-gravity floating touch can make you feel the comfort that you desire and have been looking for for a long time, whether it is physical, emotional, or mental health, as if you have been embraced by freedom, relaxation, and healing.

RT912: The built-in overflow waterfall tank, the original German circulating water, reproduces the natural waterfall experience. Under the simple and beautiful appearance, it contains the quality of excellence, which is a timeless classic.

RT915: Single bathtub, waterfall system, complete and unified function to design, delicate touch, exuding pure and natural aura

At present, Käsch has operations in more than 40 countries around the world, continuously providing customized services to global star hotels and global high-end customers. Now KÄSCH is also synonymous with quality, which means that it can provide comfortable and perfect bathing solutions.

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Exhibitor: KÄSCH e.K.


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