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KÄSCH | Ingenuity, mastering natural and healthy energy

Due to the breeding and spread of the new coronavirus, we spent an unprecedented long vacation. The delayed resumption of work and school in enterprises and schools has also allowed many friends to start working and studying at home.

Sedentary sitting for a long time, physical and mental anxiety, back pain. We have turned on various "fancy anti-epidemic" skills such as practicing yoga and traveling at home to deal with this situation. In fact, choosing a comfortable hot bath is also a good choice.

You may not know that bathing has several advantages:

Soothes and calms nerves:
Taking a bath can help the nerves relax, and a comfortable water temperature can make people completely relax, which is very helpful for improving the quality of sleep.

Relieve fatigue:
When taking a bath, the muscles are well relaxed, and the warm water flow can speed up blood circulation. Speed ​​up the rapid excretion of toxins from the body, thereby alleviating fatigue.

Improve inflammation:
The process of bathing can help relieve rheumatoid arthritis, promote the ductility of collagen tissue, and improve neuritis, tendinitis and so on.

Physiotherapy effect:
In the process of bathing, the body weight becomes lighter under the action of buoyancy, which can play a better role in physiotherapy for people with low back pain or other painful diseases.

By taking a bath, we can open capillaries, increase body temperature, and increase blood circulation. At this time, the temperature of the respiratory tract including the throat, trachea, bronchi, and lung lobes can reach about 40 degrees. High temperature can provide important conditions for killing/preventing the new coronavirus. The warming of the blood can effectively block the virus from entering the body and inhibit the growth of the virus.

Therefore, for long-term work at home, for susceptible people with low immunity, bathing is not only good for health, but also has a significant effect on preventing viruses.

To create the conditions for providing healthy physiotherapy baths, Germany Coss only uses precious high-quality materials, combines functionality and the latest technology, to meet the wishes of customers in the bathroom and health physiotherapy, so that every customer can enjoy comfort, beauty and health Enjoyment.

Overflow series, fusion of imported acrylic selection materials, texture and touch, products made of this material are scratch-resistant, easy to clean, can ensure that there is no mold growth in the bathtub, and are more hygienic and more hygienic than traditional acrylic products or tile showers. health.

Rich hydrotherapy massage function (8 massage nozzles), massage pump heating function, can greatly improve the physiotherapy effect during bathing, relieve tension, improve the internal circulation of the body and mind, and strengthen immunity and resistance.

The waterfall series, the design of waterfalls on both sides, is equipped with the original German circulating water flow, which contains the feeling of natural hot springs, and innovative applications of materials and craftsmanship. The wonderful experience diffuses to the body and mind and reinterprets the philosophy of life

Choose good products that add quality to your life at home, and add some delicacy and health to your life during the anti-epidemic period! May we be able to fight off the epidemic as soon as possible and embrace the usual and happy natural and healthy life!

About Us

Germany Cosse inherits the craftsmanship culture of the German brand. As an internationally renowned manufacturer of professional bathtubs and bathroom accessories, Cosse bathroom only uses precious high-quality materials, integrates functionality and the latest technology, to ensure that the production of bathroom products has a high level Quality Standard.

Köss has operations in more than 40 countries around the world, and provides customized services for global star hotels and global high-end customers.

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